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Tag is an attractive multiplayer game from developer JetGames. Set foot in a vibrant 3D world, and you'll be immersed in a magical adventure where exploration and action are the keys to survival. Each player will participate in a breathtaking race, with one goal: to be the last survivor. You will face tough challenges and unforeseen traps from talented opponents. Challenge one, two, or even three of your friends to this innovative gameplay.

The Game Rules

The rules of the game are clear: catch someone else or be caught. But the feeling of being a true ninja is not simply about running and catching. You must also apply strategy, agility and maneuvering skills to overcome obstacles, evade capture, and find a way to win. You can choose one of three maps and try to master them with multiple tries.

How to Play

Controls in Tag are designed to give the thrill of agile combat. You can move flexibly, climb across surfaces, and use special skills to defeat your pursuers or escape their traps. The following are the specific command keys for each character:

  • Player 1 (the red ninja): W, A, and D keys.
  • Player 2 (the blue ninja): up, left, and right keys.
  • Player 3 (the yellow one): I, J, and L keys.
  • Player 4 (the green one): T, F, and H keys.

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