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Skyjunk is a space adventure game where you will become a true warrior. With challenging parkour gameplay, you will control your character to jump over platforms and uncover mysteries. It seems like the bases in this world are hiding something that cannot be revealed. You can only know how good a player you are when you constantly strive to conquer each segment. The gamers’ task is to collect enough scrap, including boxes, crates, and robots, to repair and power the explorer's ship. Each turn, your character only has three lives, so use them effectively.

This is a game with high difficulty, requiring players to be meticulous in each navigation operation. You need to analyze the distance and terrain of the landing spot very carefully. Every jump is the line between success and failure. Just a small mistake can cause the round to restart and the character to lose a life. However, because the terrain in Skyjunk is fixed, gamers can play multiple times to get used to it and try many different strategies until they pass.

How to Maneuver

Mastery and smooth combination of keys is extremely important to achieve remarkable results. Therefore, you may need a lot of time to get used to these delicate controls. The key operations in this game are:

  • Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Move the mouse to look round.
  • The left-click button to slice.
  • The right-click button to hook.
  • The spacebar to jump and reel in.

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