Stargrove Scramble
Stargrove Scramble

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Stargrove Scramble

Stargrove Scramble

Stargrove Scramble

Uncover mysteries in mystical forests with Stargrove Scramble and satisfy your passion for adventure in the game world. This game will take players on a magical journey filled with mystery and unbelievable challenges. You will play a cute character trying to explore new lands. Will the challenge of traversing difficult levels and encountering dangers make you hesitate? If you are a true adventurer, you definitely should not miss this exciting event.

Explore the Creative Gameplay

To win in Stargrove Scramble, players need to know how to take advantage of the objects that appear on the platforms. In addition, the "weapons" that the character will use are powerful eggs (bullets). These eggs can destroy everything from blocks of land to small monsters, you can even collect other items with this weapon. Candies scattered across the platforms will help players increase the number of eggs.

You will embark on a journey through twelve difficult levels and face three handcrafted bosses. Master the unique gameplay, and you will feel satisfied with the endless excitement in each segment. Remember that only when you complete the mission in the previous round can you continue to new lands.

Control Your Character

  • Move: the left and right arrows or the A and D keys.
  • Jump: the spacebar.
  • Lay and throw eggs: the X key.
  • Swap held egg: the C key.

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