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Spider-Cube puts you in the role of a character that combines Spider-Man and a cube. With the ability to climb and shoot remote-controlled spider webs, you will travel through breathtaking skyscrapers. This adventure game will have a completely different experience when you can only observe the terrain in a narrow range. Your task is to maneuver the character to bounce from one platform to another accurately. Just a small mistake will cause the cube to fall, and you will lose.

How to Play

You use the W and S keys to move objects forward or backward. To rotate directions, you can use the mouse or the A and D keys. Once you have aligned the position properly, combine pressing the spacebar to jump with the forward or backward teleport key to have a safe landing.

Answer some Common Questions

1. In Spider-Cube, is there a way for the character to jump from the air?

You can see purple spider webs floating in space. When the character touches this object, you just need to immediately press the spacebar to gain momentum to jump. Good luck!

2. What can I do to improve my score?

Explore each small segment and try to remember how to pass them in the next play. Gradually, you will conquer unimaginable heights and become the number one adventurer in this virtual world.

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