Super Oliver World
Super Oliver World

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Super Oliver World

Super Oliver World

Super Oliver World

Super Oliver World is an arcade game in which the player aids Oliver in escaping a perilous parallel world full of traps and scary enemies. Explore multiple levels set in a fantasy world, collect coins, and look for secret areas to find bonus items.

This game is based on the popular Super Mario Bros, in which you must assist the courageous Oliver in escaping from a strange and dangerous place. You'll need to hop from platform to platform, kill or avoid monsters so you don't lose lives, and discover hidden doors to unlock bonus content. During his trip, Oliver will come across several objects with unique abilities, such as stars of invulnerability and the capacity to fire at his opponents. Find all three stars and collect as many gold coins as you can; 100 coins will give you a new life.

How To Play

  • A or left arrow key = move left
  • D or right arrow key = move right
  • W or Z or up arrow key = jump
  • X or J = shoot

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