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Space More

Take a journey through the world of geometry in a whole new way with Space More! In this exciting platform game, you will meet familiar characters from the popular Geometry Dash series: the cube and the ship. You will embark on an endless journey, with tall columns suddenly appearing on both sides of the terrain. Your task is to control the character to move up and down to avoid colliding with the columns.

You should understand the motion properties of the two types of states to have the most accurate operations. For a cube, each time you press a key, the character will change gravity and slide on the opposite side. As for the ship, there will be a downward direction. You need to hold down the key for the entity to fly up. Gamers will not be able to know when the character will change form. In contrast to the unchanged design of the obstacles, the pace of the round tends to get faster.

Maneuver Your Adventurer

To control the character in Space More, you can choose one of the following three keys: the left-click, the up arrow, or the spacebar. Pay attention to the movement characteristics of each state to make the appropriate key adjustments.

Explore the Appealing Features

  • Geometry Dash's unique combination of running, overcoming obstacles, and creating familiar shapes.
  • The game's pace changes gradually, stimulating the player's ability to progress gradually.

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