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Jump Dash

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Jump Dash

Jump Dash

Jump Dash

Overcome obstacles with magical jumps with Jump Dash! You will need improvisation skills and flexible keystrokes to go the farthest. Because it is impossible to know the terrain in advance, concentration is extremely necessary. Your task is to control a character who runs non-stop through tricky blocks. Obstacles can be in the form of spheres, platforms, and lasers. Try to align the exact time to press the key to land in safe terrain.

To get a high score in Jump Dash, looking ahead at the terrain is extremely important. This way, you can judge the effective key press time. In case you don't want to activate the laser, you just need to maneuver the character to jump across the screen. Remember that single springs will pop up automatically. However, higher springs will need the main entity to precisely touch the surface to jump.

Explore the stunning features

  • The gameplay runs through obstacles at a constant pace, no matter how long you stay in the round.
  • Players will not be able to manage the character's running speed.
  • Simple obstacle type with only 3 types of fixed objects. But with creative design, overcoming them is still a formidable challenge.

Gameplay and controls

This is a game of speed and expert keystrokes. Players can diversify their gameplay to get used to all types of dangerous terrain.

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