Neon Road
Neon Road

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Neon Road

Neon Road

Neon Road

Embark on an adventure with Neon Road's beautiful crystal circle and put your improvisation skills to the test. This engaging platform game takes you to a beautiful neon world with unique terrain. Besides, with gameplay based on the inertia of the main entity, you will experience unprecedented thrills. The goal is to guide the ring through all obstacles, collect enough stars, and reach the finish line. The main terrain in this game is a thin straight line like a sturdy rope. Sometimes clusters of spikes or walls will appear above. Except for small spikes and aimless spaces, your character can move at any point.

Neon Road includes twelve levels with increasing difficulty, depending on the map design. Each round will have three stars scattered everywhere. As long as you can reach the destination, it is considered complete, no need to collect all the stars. However, to make your achievements the most complete, try to get all of these items.

How to play

The player uses the arrow keys to control the main character:

  • UP arrow: to jump up
  • LEFT arrow: rolling to the left
  • RIGHT arrow: rolling to the right

Pay attention to the rolling properties of the object to make appropriate key operation changes. At the same time, in every jumping situation, you need to combine the command key so that the entity does not roll beyond its safe range. Especially in segments that require the use of moving platforms or rolling down slopes.

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