Fire Road
Fire Road

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Fire Road

Fire Road

Fire Road

Join Fire Road's colorful fireworks festival and challenge yourself with this game of skill. You will have to demonstrate the ability to react quickly and adjust your keystroke skills. In the game, you will maneuver a ball of fire that moves at increasingly faster speeds. Your goal is to avoid rough roads that emerge from both sides of the terrain. The creative challenge brings endless appeal. You will never know what the terrain will be like because it changes constantly.

Every jump is a thrilling scoring experience that will make your heart pound continuously. Along with that, difficult challenges are waiting for you ahead. Be careful with raised platforms, even the slightest bit, which can cause problems. Can you overcome them and break your own record? Only with effort and the ability to improve with each new playthrough can you become the master of control with the best lightning reflexes.

Explore the unique features

  • Fire Road has an endless stretch of roads. Your score will be refreshed every time you surpass your own record.
  • The gameplay is simple but it requires the most divine reflex skills.
  • The fireball's relentless slide is the biggest challenge.

How to play

You just need to click on any point on the screen for the main entity to change the moving terrain. Each time you press the key, the fireball will change gravity and slide on the track on the opposite side.

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