Haunt the House
Haunt the House

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Haunt the House

Haunt the House

Haunt the House

In the magical world of the game Haunt The House, you will be transformed into a cute but mischievous soul. The goal of scaring the guests is not necessarily to scare them but also to create laughter. In this game, you will be free to maneuver your soul to enter and direct many different objects in the house. From the mysterious desk lamp to the antique clock, nothing is beyond your control.

The Funny Gameplay

Haunt The House offers a unique and new experience when you navigate objects and furniture in the house to create terrifying supernatural phenomena. You can create weird actions, like making things bounce off the walls, making strange sounds from household items, or even making paintings on the wall move dramatically. scared.

Your goal is not simply to scare but also to create funny and surprising situations for the guests attending the party. With every action you take, a feeling of thrill and joy will spread throughout the room, making the space more lively and colorful than ever. However, don't let your mischievousness scare the villagers too much, because if they are too scared, they may leave the house, and you will lose your power. Be considerate and create just enough haunting scenes to enjoy the fun of scaring party guests.

How to Control

  • Move: arrow keys or WASD.
  • Interact with other objects: the spacebar.

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