Geometry Dash Tower Defense
Geometry Dash Tower Defense

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Geometry Dash Tower Defense

Geometry Dash Tower Defense

Geometry Dash Tower Defense

Geometry Dash Tower Defense: an explosive combination of exciting rhythm and top tower defense tactics! To defend the base from evil cubes and cruel monsters, you will need to master the wheel and control strong towers. With a diverse system of blocks, you can create unique defense strategies and freely choose and combine appropriate strategies. This creates a creative combat space and promises many new experiences for players.

Upgrade cubes and use special skills to optimize your defense. The game's entire object collection draws inspiration from the well-known Geometry Dash, creating a fresh experience while still keeping the essence of the original game. Of course, confronting these fierce dangers head-on can be difficult for you. Do you have what it takes to cope? Try your hand and test your skills in Geometry Dash Tower Defense now!

Explore the stunning features

  • Geometry Dash's combination of combat experience and character design.
  • The gameplay trains the player's sharp tactical abilities.
  • Your towers can take up to 20 misses from direct attacks when completely collapsed.


Click on the arrow in the right corner of the main game screen to display the block board. Then, drag and drop the cube of your choice to the desired location on the map. The strength of each character will depend on its price.

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