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Among Dash

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Among Dash

Among Dash

Among Dash

Among Dash is a space adventure on a base full of dangers. As a small character from Among Us, you will have to overcome a challenging journey. You have to face a series of obstacles, from dangerous electric bolts to poisonous bushes, from the sharp edges of blocks to other problems.

This is not just an ordinary platform game, but a real test of concentration and skill. You'll have to adjust your precision to jump over each hurdle as smoothly as possible. Don't let the traces of your remaining teammates scare you; prove your expert navigation skills and achieve a remarkable achievement. Remember, no matter how many times you have to start over, the base will retain its structure. This means you can learn from each failure and become stronger and stronger. Furthermore, you can also explore the underground with equivalent challenges; nothing is impossible with patience and a desire to conquer.

How to play

  • You just need to use mouse clicks to control the character's jump.

Some advice for gamers

  • Your character has a fairly light jump, so pay attention to clicking a little earlier than the next point close to the obstacle or safe terrain.
  • The terrain below is a random round arrangement. Therefore, do not try to search for it if your starting point is above the base.
  • Other Among Us’ bodies do not affect the character, so there is no need to try to avoid them.

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