Geometry Dash Remastered
Geometry Dash Remastered

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Geometry Dash Remastered

Geometry Dash Remastered

Geometry Dash Remastered

Geometry Dash Remastered is a rhythm platform game with the most exciting journeys. This game will take you to a world of intricate shapes with beautiful neon lighting. You can participate in one of six rounds, with difficulty ranging from simple to almost impossible to conquer. Each level has its own catchy background music that perfectly matches each character's jump. In case you've never been exposed to this genre before, this gameplay means that the cube's movements will match the beat of the music. That means you can use music as an assistant for your exciting adventures.

Your character in Geometry Dash Remastered can switch states during certain segments. Each of these shapes has its own gameplay that requires the player's ability to explore. You need to understand these characteristics to have the most accurate keystroke commands. Besides, the skill of adjusting the distance for each movement is also extremely important in each jump of the cube. In addition, you need to clearly understand the functions of objects appearing on the map, such as pads, rings, and portals, to have appropriate usage options.

Special items

  • Pads: Pads can make the character jump automatically when touched.
  • Rings: When the cube touches this object, you need to click once to jump up.
  • Portals: When moving through here, your character will change shape and status.

How to play

  • You can use the left-click, the spacebar, or the up arrow to control the character.

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