Geometry Dash Ocean Of Dreams
Geometry Dash Ocean Of Dreams

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Geometry Dash Ocean Of Dreams

Geometry Dash Ocean Of Dreams

Geometry Dash Ocean Of Dreams

Geometry Dash Ocean Of Dreams has a 2-star Easy difficulty rating and is the work of creator Spu7Nix. In the Geometry Dash universe, even rounds with low difficulty ratings are still extremely difficult. Unique rhythm-based gameplay will make your experiences more exciting than ever. If you are a new player learning about this famous community, Ocean of Dreams will be an ideal test. You can join this game to get acquainted with the initial challenges.

Players will maneuver a cube that can change states through a series of tricky obstacles. You will face sharp blocks, thorny fences, tall pillars and breathtaking slopes. Additionally, you can discover and collect 3 user coins to make the achievement even more impressive. This is not a mandatory task, but it is also a test of your improvisational ability and skill in timing key presses.

Control Your Cube

To navigate your character in Geometry Dash Ocean Of Dreams, players only need to press a single key. You can use the mouse button, up arrow key, or spacebar.

Explore the Position of 3 user coins

  • The first coin is in the acceleration cube segment. It appears at 34%, on a platform in the terrain above.
  • At position 65%, you can spot and collect the second coin on a small, dark walkway above.
  • Located at 86%, the third coin appears on the first slope of the second wave.

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