Geometry Dash Wishless
Geometry Dash Wishless

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Geometry Dash Wishless

Geometry Dash Wishless

Geometry Dash Wishless

Enjoy the rhythm and overcome unique dangers in the world of geometry with Geometry Dash Wishless! This user-level game of the creator Pawlogates has 2-star Easy difficulty and 3 user coins. The motion gameplay that matches perfectly with the main character's background music is the addictive element of this game. The player's task is to navigate a transitionable cube to the end. Just a small collision will cause your round to start again.

Gameplay and Controls

To maneuver the character in Geometry Dash Wishless, players can use the mouse button, spacebar, or up arrow key. This level focuses on helping players become familiar with each movement of different character states. The main entity will transform from a cube into a robot, ship, UFO, spider, ball, and wave. These are all the main appearances of the character in the Geometry Dash universe as a whole.

During their journey through this geometric world, players will encounter spikes, gears, saw blades, and a series of transformations. The mini block, double block, and gravity reversal segments all appear fully. Take the challenge and use this game as practice for more challenging adventures.

Collect 3 user coins

  • Wishless's first coin sits at 31%. In the first mini-ship part, you guide the character to move up, through a small passage, and collect items.
  • The second coin is in the 54% position when the character is a cube. Players need to control the main object, avoid a red pad, collect coins, and leap to the next platform.
  • Appearing at position 81%, the last coin is in the wave segment. It's a bit difficult to spot because it's in a hidden passage on the first platform after the character transforms.

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