Geometry Dash Kenos
Geometry Dash Kenos

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Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos will show you what extreme challenges are, with overwhelming difficulty. npesta and his colleagues created this game with Extreme Demon difficulty. This mega-collaboration level is a remake and expansion of Sakupen Hell. You will clearly feel the harshness from beginning to end in a dark landscape full of dangers. How can a cube transform into many shapes to reach the finish line? It all depends on your ability to align your ideal keypress timing.

Some Interesting Information

  • Geometry Dash Kenos contains 156,999 objects but only takes nearly two minutes to reach the end. That shows the breakneck pace of the round, challenging even the most professional Dashers.
  • This game was once ranked second on the Demonlist. That's enough to prove the ridiculous difficulty of this user level.

Gameplay and Controls

Stepping into the geometric world of Kenos, you will immediately feel chills down your spine with the gloomy and dark scene. Players may not even be able to see terrain and obstacles clearly. You definitely need a lot of tries and practice to find a way to conquer this game. Take advantage of rhythm as an aid that can help you maneuver your character better. You can use the spacebar, up arrow key, or mouse keys to control your character. Note that in different states, the character has different movement characteristics.

In addition, players need to focus on discovering rings, pads, and portals to set up a reasonable strategy. Besides, be careful with the segments with narrow walkways because they often have many spikes and moving platforms. Are you confident in conquering this ultimate demon?

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