Geometry Dash Black Blizzard
Geometry Dash Black Blizzard

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Geometry Dash Black Blizzard

Geometry Dash Black Blizzard

Geometry Dash Black Blizzard

Geometry Dash Black Blizzard with 10-star Extreme Demon difficulty will make you dizzy or immersed in the exciting music. This is a user-level game from creator KrmaL. You will seem to enter a dark world with black tones and a few dim lights. Set foot in a world consumed by a dark storm, where every move requires concentration and quick reflexes.

Walkthrough the Main Track

Geometry Dash Black Blizzard starts with a mini-cube section with dark decorations and tricky timings, followed by a normal-sized cube section with buggy orb timings and hazards. The drop section starts with a fast-paced UFO segment with gravity changes and obstacles, followed by a ball with extreme timing. The ship segment includes straight-flying and green orbs. The second half of the drop culminates in a cube section with constant gravity changes.

The toughest segment is the mini sections of the wave, UFO, ship, and ball, with numerous tricky timings. After that, you will face the challenge in the cube and robot form of the main character. The final segment requires players to navigate tight spaces and occasional screen darkening. The level ends after about 20 seconds, with the end screen spelling out 'Krazy,' a reference to the creator's former name.


  • In almost two minutes, you will have to pass 29,084 objects. This is not an overwhelming number compared to an Extreme Demon. However, the blurriness of the level will make your vision difficult, and the difficulty also increases.
  • Creator KrmaL also took more than 75 thousand attempts to verify Black Blizzard.
  • This game is ranked #10 in GDToday's 100 Greatest Levels of All Time list.

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