Geometry Dash HASTE
Geometry Dash HASTE
Geometry Dash HASTE

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Geometry Dash HASTE

Geometry Dash HASTE

Xenoremu/xenots HASTE is the sixth difficulty level in GD's Geometry Dash. The game's soundtrack has always been an integral part of the level design process. Listen to the music and respond to the cues it gives you for each dance motion. If you want to remember every word of this song, you'll have to listen to it hundreds of times.

How To Play

  • When the yellow hoops appear, press [up] [w] [space] to jump on them.
  • Sharply pointing in the direction of danger.
  • Keep holding to go higher in ship mode, then let go to go lower.
  • Press the yellow pad for a high jump.
  • To increase your jump height, press the blue pad.
  • We can gain a lot of bonus points by collecting coins.
  • Press L to activate the feature.

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