Geometry Dash Aberrant
Geometry Dash Aberrant

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Geometry Dash Aberrant

Geometry Dash Aberrant

Geometry Dash Aberrant

Harder level Hydren's Geometry Dash Aberrant has a rating of 6 stars and 3 user coins. To win this game, geography comprehension is crucial. To learn the map, give yourself permission to attempt and fail. Some bricks defy gravity, while others instantly jump. To win the game as a whole, you must first master each component separately.

How To Play

  • In order to jump, press [up] on the yellow rings. (w) (space)
  • The spikes in the game have a clear direction.
  • Longer pressing causes the ship to lift, while shorter pressing causes it to descend.
  • To jump high, push a yellow pad.
  • The blue key can be used to jump higher.
  • Let's gather coins to increase our point total.
  • To alter the effect, click.

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