Geometry Dash Flappy UFO
Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

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Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

Challenge flapping your wings in the geometric world of Geometry Dash Flappy UFO to conquer the 6-star Harder difficulty. The innovative combination of themes from the Geometry Dash universe and signature Flappy Bird gameplay will keep you immersed for hours. The player's mission is to maneuver the character to move through 50 pairs of columns. Columns appearing symmetrically from both sides of the terrain will create a moving space in the middle. You are not allowed to have any collisions, or the character will return to the starting line.

Try the main body in Geometry Dash Flappy UFO only changes state once. After passing 50 small segments filled with obstacles, the character turns into the ship and flies straight to the finish line. However, the appearance of gears and spikes will make the character's journey more spectacular. Besides, you will have to enter a major movement-direction transition segment when the UFO flies through the mirror portal.

How to Control

You just need to press the key continuously to maintain the UFO's hovering state. Using the mouse button, spacebar, or up arrow is fine, as long as you correctly align the timing and number of key presses to avoid problems.

Other Exciting Trivia

  • Flappy UFO is one of three levels included in the Elemental Pack of the Harder Map Pack in Geometry Dash.
  • The soundtrack of this game is called “Jumper” by composer Waterflame. You will feel the excitement in every keystroke with this exciting music.
  • In fact, if broken down, this level can have up to seven levels. These parts differ mainly from the design of the columns; there is nothing to worry about.

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