Geometry Dash Tokyo Owo
Geometry Dash Tokyo Owo

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Geometry Dash Tokyo Owo

Geometry Dash Tokyo Owo

Geometry Dash Tokyo Owo

Geometry Dash Tokyo Owo invites you to join a visit to the beautiful city of the land of the rising sun. This is a user-level game from creator Nexender with a 6-star Harder difficulty. This map will overwhelm players with its grandeur and colorfulness. Embark on an adventure of no return, cross treacherous terrain, and find your way to the final wall.

The Detailed Gameplay

Tokyo Owo opens with a double-speed minicube section and changes to a normal cube shortly after. The vibrant rhythm and shimmering neon light make you feel like you've entered a music party. Start your city tour with more complex shapes. The character transforms into a mini-size for a few segments. It requires players to re-adjust their keypress timing.

There is a fast and difficult wave section that requires your full concentration. Continuing the character's continuous shape transformation, there is no other way; you can only practice many times to get used to the terrain and overcome it. A double block segment takes place quickly before entering the space adventure segment. Geometry Dash Tokyo Owo then closes with a fairly simple UFO section.

Find All Coins

Tokyo Owo has 2 user coins located at 18 and 80%.

  • The first coin hovers above a small step. In the minicube state, players control the character to jump up from a large platform to the small block and jump again to collect the item.
  • You also found the second coin with ease. In the cube state, you should ignore both blue pads to collect coins more easily.

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