Geometry Dash Dark Paradise
Geometry Dash Dark Paradise
Geometry Dash Dark Paradise

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Geometry Dash Dark Paradise

Geometry Dash Dark Paradise

Geometry Dash Dark Paradise offers a new and more challenging experience to players who love the jumping game genre. What do you think about spectacular jumps over a series of dangers? This platform game will help players get used to the appealing rhythm-based gameplay. This is a 2-star Easy level game from creator Rolipso. To make the achievement even more impressive, you can collect 3 user coins scattered around the map.

How to Play

The pace of the round will depend on the character's automatic movement speed. You can use the mouse key, spacebar, or up arrow key to control the main entity.

The Interesting Gameplay

You will maneuver a small cube that can change shape. In Geometry Dash Dark Paradise, your character will transform into a ship, a ball, a robot, and a wave. Each of these states has different moving properties. You will have to face a series of obstacles, such as sharp blocks, saw blades, tricky platforms, and breathtaking slopes. Your character will not be allowed to have any collisions, or the round will have to start over. Let's try and get acquainted with journeys in this special world!

Collect 3 user coins

  • The first coin appeared quite early. In the first cube segment, you direct the character to touch the yellow pads to reach a portal at 9% level and collect this coin.
  • The second coin is located at 25%, in the ship section immediately after. Be careful of the thorn fence above when navigating the character to collect items.
  • The last coin appears at position 57%. You navigate the ship through a small passage between two cog pads to get this coin.

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