Copter Royale
Copter Royale

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Copter Royale

Copter Royale

Copter Royale

Copter Royale is a multiplayer game that allows you to take the field against many other opponents. Get lost in the survival battle in the sky with powerful helicopters. Fly freely, dodge fire, and use advanced weapons to take down your opponents; only one will survive and emerge victorious! The game requires players' observation skills, strategic thinking, and proficiency in navigation. You will control a plane with combat weapons that need to be upgraded during exploration.

Coming to unprecedented combat levels in Copter Royale, you will experience the feeling of opponents being on all sides. All gamers try to defeat as many opponents as possible, so this is truly an uncompromising battle. Besides, you also have to navigate the main object to avoid toxic mist. To start playing, first customize the look of your main entity with different aircraft types and colors. The more rounds you participate in, the more energy you will accumulate to upgrade your helicopter.


  • Move: WASD
  • Build: Right-click or Spacebar
  • Aim: Mouse cursor or arrow keys
  • Shoot: Left-click or UP


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