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View more is a game that combines many challenges with different rules and experiences. In the typical sandbox terrain, players will perform tasks such as creativity, combat, survival, and so on. These challenges will depend on the game mode you choose. The game has an impressive number of modes, up to 17 diverse types. Each round requires the players’ acumen and observance to quickly find the rules. Get ready for the newest discoveries and immerse yourself in this super exciting game world now!

How to do the mission

In, each game mode will have different ways of operating and controlling. However, the most common navigation commands are to use the mouse to look around, click to perform actions, and use the arrow keys to move. Besides, because the nature of this game is that there are many participants, you can press the Enter key to chat.

In addition, to control the doodle cube, players make the following clicks:

  • The right mouse button: to place blocks.
  • The left mouse button: to destroy placed blocks.