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You can compete in 2 Chaos Giant to be a champion! Here are the greatest and most powerful super heroes in history. You cannot ignore your rivals, even if you're the greatest. Do you feel ready to fight them?

This game is based on the idea of invasion. You will be placed in a room together with several other superheroes. As long as you keep within the designated boundaries, you are allowed to move around this area. You must complete the stages, increasing in size. Your ability to strike at your opponents is easier if you are larger than you are. You must not approach a competitor too close to them or they will launch an attack on you. This will cause you to fail the challenge. The leaderboard, located at the top left corner on the screen, will show you where you stand in the competition. Keep an eye out for the level indicator at the top of the screen. It's now time to see if you are ready to compete in the arena and be victorious!

How To Play

How To Play 2 Chaos Giant

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