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5 - Push your opponents off the playing area and avoid being pushed off yourself! By pushing the adversary, the character grows and gets stronger; he or she pushes with increasing force. Use this benefit to win!

The arena is situated on water and can take numerous forms, including a circle with more water in its center. The objective of the game is to be the sole participant in the arena. This requires movement and pushing. You will lose if you go over the sides, so avoid doing so by bouncing into other players and knocking them out of the game so you can remove them and climb the ranks! Win matches to level up and unlock all skins for character customization! Become the world's first dinosaur sumo wrestling champion and propel your character to the top! Confront different foes in every match and rise to legend status!

How To Play

  • Movement of the arrow or WASD on the keyboard, and also runs after the mouse cursor - push on mouse click or SPACE key 

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