Stickman Temple Duel
Stickman Temple Duel

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Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel


Stickman Temple Duel is a stickman shooting game that features a variety of game modes to keep you engaged and occupied for a long time. There is a story mode that contains more than 40 different levels.

Compete against artificial intelligence in the bot mode or play against your friends in the two-player mode.



Now, there are three different sets of controls that you should be familiar with, and we will explain them to you right now:

Move around in Story Mode (1P) using WASD, and use the mouse to fire your weapon. In the Two-Player Mode, Player 1 uses the arrow keys to move around, L to shoot, and K to shield themselves. The WASD keys are used to move Player 2, while the F key fires and the G key shields.

The Arrow keys, L, and K are used in the VS Bot mode.

Fight against other players in this incredibly fun and exciting game, or do it by yourself.

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