Parkour Block 4
Parkour Block 4

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Parkour Block 4

Parkour Block 4

Parkour Block 4


With new challenges like speed run and hard core mode, Parkour Block 4 is back! Are you up for some very difficult parkour jumping levels? Reach the exit portal by jumping! Play hard in the browser on your computer while playing this classic skill game mode! You're in for additional levels, more mechanics, and a new hard mode!


In this map, you can leap inside blocks that are made of other blocks.

This map is my biggest parkour map to date because it has eight gigablocks instead of three, four, or five.

Every block has its own parkour equipment.

Observer: Block Jump Boost

Honey: Block Honey

Speed Block: Cauldron

Sea Lantern: Falling Block Slowly

Snake Block beacon

Mirror, a barrel

Beat Block on TNT

An online leaderboard for this map allows you to submit your time and view how it ranks among other users.

Once you've finished the map, a link will be provided to you in the conversation.

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