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Moto X3M

Moto X3M

Moto X3M

Challenge your limits with the physics-based driving game, Moto X3M! Are you an excellent racer and want to show off your abilities in the virtual world? So don't hesitate and join this challenge now. Dangerous roads with countless dangers are ready to take you down. Navigate your character with an off-road motorbike. Are you confident in conquering this game? Any player can participate, even if you are simply looking for entertainment in your spare time.

Each segment in Moto X3M is a brain-hacking puzzle for your expert control abilities. Break through dangerous roads and prove yourself as the best player. Overcome awkward levels to gradually practice your in-game driving skills. You can only know what fascinating experiences await when you explore for yourself. Have fun!

How to Play

  • UP arrow: to go straight; hold down to accelerate.
  • DOWN arrow: to brake; hold down to go reverse.
  • LEFT arrow: to lean backward.
  • RIGHT arrow: to lean forward.

Some Tips for You

  • Do not make the main entity move too fast, even on a flat road. You will not be able to predict obstacles, so slow down the pace of the round to make it more manageable.
  • When the motorcycle is in the air, this is the ideal time to adjust the balance.
  • Of course, practicing a lot will make you familiar with the gameplay and control commands. However, let each playthrough be an impressive adventure with diverse challenges.

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