House Of Hazards
House Of Hazards

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House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards is a cooperative game that will test your dexterity, reflexes, and coordination in an exciting adventure. Before you leave home, you and your friends must overcome a number of risks and challenges in this thrilling and enjoyable experience. Every round includes unique challenges that test your mettle while strengthening your bonds with other players as you work together to stay safe.

The game's objective is straightforward yet difficult: you must complete a variety of tasks in order to escape the house while dodging numerous obstacles and hazards. Every duty increases the excitement of the game, from preparing coffee to checking the mailbox and watering the flowers. But exercise caution—the other occupants of the house are constantly on the lookout and waiting to place their sly traps.

The unanticipated threats that lurk in every crevice of the house contribute to the House Of Hazards' unpredictable nature. In the kitchen, ovens and kitchen cabinet doors might attack you; in the garden, toys or swings can be dangerous. You must be vigilant and decide the best course of action to avoid or overcome each trap when you use the joystick to instruct your hero to run. Certain traps necessitate rapid reflexes to avoid, while others demand a devious plan to avoid.

How To Play


  • Jump: W
  • Move left and right: A, D
  • Crouch and shoot: S


  • Jump: I
  • Move left and right: J,L
  • Crouch and shoot: K

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