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HexGL is a driving game on a high-speed track suspended in the air. The player controls an airship, going on an adventure on a tricky road. Your challenge will include three laps of the track. The adventure in this game will not have any obstacles. However, the winding terrain will challenge the most professional control skills of gamers. Achievements in this game are calculated according to the time it takes to complete your round.

HexGL has two game modes: normal mode and god mode. These two modes have the same gameplay. The paths will not change with each of your replays. The game round begins when gamers control the aircraft. Accurate navigation will be the key point for you to master this game. The main entity can collide with walls on either side of the track but will not be ejected. In normal mode, if too many collisions occur, your round will end and the entity returns to the starting line. When playing with god mode, objects will be able to collide freely. Both modes have three movements and the same timing.

Control a speed airship

To control aircraft in HexGL, players need to understand some of the following movement commands:

  • UP arrow: drive straight and speed up.
  • LEFT arrow: steer left
  • RIGHT arrow: steer right
  • A key: turn left slowly
  • D key: turn right slowly

The main entity will automatically slow down and stop if you release the control button.

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