Geometry Dash Space Travel
Geometry Dash Space Travel

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Geometry Dash Space Travel

Geometry Dash Space Travel

Geometry Dash Space Travel

Geometry Dash Space Travel is an Auto level from creator Rabbitical. If you don't know about this special level, try it now. In this game, players will experience challenges in the most unexpected ways. As soon as you click the start button, everything is pre-programmed. Your character will automatically move across the platforms. What do you think when this small cube can overcome a series of dangers and reach the finish line?

The appeal of this game comes from its entertainment benefits. You can absolutely record this exciting adventure as an achievement. There is no need for concentration or skillful key-pressing ability; you can completely get to the end without doing anything. If you want to take a little risk, you can change your character's route.

Some Interesting Trivia

  • Geometry Dash Space Travel can be confusing because there are also other levels of the same name with varying difficulty levels.
  • You can activate toggle effects when pressing the L key.
  • Some segments have unusual terrain designs that, if the cube moves through, will hit a dead end.

Maneuver the Character

To control, players can use the spacebar, up arrow, or mouse keys. Pay attention to the character's status to take appropriate actions. Just in case you want to discover a new path yourself; otherwise, just sit back, relax and enjoy. Players can also use the game as a reference to identify the functions of some objects, such as portals, pads, rings, and so on.

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