Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity
Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity
Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity

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Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity is a user-level game in the Nine Circle Demonlist. This is a comprehensive list of Demon difficulty levels in the Geometry Dash universe that have extremely dizzy wave segments. This Extreme Demon game is the creation of famous developers in the community, they are APTeam, Riot, Viprin, Cyclic and more. Let's take a look at the stormy segments in Sonic Wave Infinity!

Explore the Important Segments

The level begins with a straightforward cube section and progresses to a double-speed ship section that repeatedly alternates between gravity and size. Players have to maneuver around gears, slopes, and spikes. Next, there is a ball section, a triple-speed wave section, a double-speed dual-mini-ball section, and a dual-mini-wave section in the level.

The wave chain, which includes octagonal blocks, tight spaces, and a triple-speed segment, is the next installment in this platformer game series. You have to control the character through a number of stages, such as a triple-speed wave section with confined spaces and moving structures and a cube section with orb timings. After that, there will be a mini-wave section, a brighter triple-speed wave section, and a dual-wave section with three speeds. A song-based challenge to stay away from sawblades is also included in the second main section.

In order to avoid sawblades, players must spam up a slope, down slowly, and through narrow corridors. A tight triple-speed wave with spiked structures, gears, and gravity portals is featured in the last section of gameplay.


  • Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity was once ranked #3 in the Demonlist, surpassing Zodiac.
  • This game is one of the user levels in the Sonic Wave series. Currently, this is the only level of this series still ranked in Demonlist.
  • This game was also one of the most difficult levels in Nine Circles.

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