Geometry Dash Insane Club
Geometry Dash Insane Club
Geometry Dash Insane Club

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Geometry Dash Insane Club

Geometry Dash Insane Club

Geometry Dash Insane Club will take you on an overwhelming journey with complex shapes. Players can feel thrilled every moment with the spectacular jumps of the cube. This game is probably only for professional Dashers. If you are a new player, it will be quite difficult with Easy Demon 10 difficulty. However, if you like it, give it a try!

Explore the Main Track

  • 0-9%: This user-level game from creator 5duck opens harshly from the start with ladders and saw-blade-strewn platforms. The mini-ball segment after that does not have much change in terrain.
  • 10-16%: After moving through a mirror portal, the player controls an inverted gravity cube. When returning to the original gravity, the character quickly enters the ship section with a space full of darts and sharp gears.
  • 17-26%: Returning to the original direction, the cube continues its journey jumping over a series of blocks and pads to avoid spikes.
  • 27-45%: You will be dizzy with the character's rapid rotation as he moves through a series of mirror portals and transforms into the ship. The challenge of changing direction continues with a more severe saw blade map.
  • 46-64%: Geometry Dash Insane Club continues to open up a terrain with confusing shapes. After a quick jump and transition, the cube turns into a ball.
  • 65-82%: The latter enters cube gameplay at a constant pace. The terrain is quite similar to the opening until a series of floating blocks and saw blades appear in the UFO gameplay.
  • 83-100%: Transform into the ship; the character needs to move along the white dots to overcome obstacles. The cube and ball parts do not change much after that. After transforming into a UFO, the character will move straight through the narrow passage and through the maze of saw blades to the finish line.

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