Geometry Dash Indigo
Geometry Dash Indigo

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Geometry Dash Indigo

Geometry Dash Indigo

Geometry Dash Indigo

ScorchVx has awarded Geometry Dash Indigo an Epic Harder rating of 6 stars. To win this game, you must be knowledgeable about geography. Allowing oneself to try and fail will aid in helping you memorize the map. While certain bricks defy gravity, others may jump on their own. You must first master each component individually in order to win the complete game.

How To Play

  • Jump on the yellow hoops by pressing [up]. (w) (space)
  • Avoid the spikes while playing the game.
  • In ship mode, press and hold to fly up, and release to fly down.
  • To jump high, press the yellow key.
  • To jump higher, only press the blue pad.
  • To earn bonus points, collect coins.
  • By pushing, you can modify the result.

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