Geometry Dash Highscore
Geometry Dash Highscore
Geometry Dash Highscore

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Geometry Dash Highscore

Geometry Dash Highscore

Geometry Dash Highscore will challenge you on a complex geometric map. Rhythm-based gameplay both makes the round more exciting and is also a brain-hacking puzzle. This is a user-level game in the Geometry Dash community with 3-star Normal difficulty. This Danolex creator's level also has the appearance of 3 scattered user coins. Let's take a look at the gameplay and how to find the coins!

Dash through Complex Map

  •  0-28%: Geometry Dash Highscore opens with cube gameplay. You need to maneuver the character to jump onto platforms and floating blocks in a row. Next, players will reach an easy passage with successive size conversions of the cube due to the impact of lightning bolts.
  • 29-52%: Flying gameplay with the entity's ship and UFO status occurs with consecutive high columns. Players need to direct the character to move up and down or perform jumps in the air to pass. This section ends with a cube jump.
  • 53-86%: This part takes place quite long with the character's wave shape. There are seven consecutive terrain transitions each time the main entity moves through a portal. The terrain is not too difficult but you need to grasp the moving characteristics of the wave to master it.
  • 87-100%: The finishing segment of Highscore is quite easy because there are no obstacles. You just need to control the character to fly steadily to complete the level.

Tips for Collecting Coins

  • At position 10%, you navigate the cube to jump from a block next to a block with spikes to collect the first coin.
  • In the first ship, after the character moves through a yellow portal, they can immediately lower the flight path to pick up the second coin.
  • The last coin is easily collected at the creator D symbol in the 95% position.

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