Geometry Dash Heart Throb
Geometry Dash Heart Throb

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Geometry Dash Heart Throb

Geometry Dash Heart Throb

Geometry Dash Heart Throb

Play the hard game Geometry Dash Heart Throb to go on a thrilling trip through intricate levels. Created by the ingenious minds of TriAxis, this game has received a well-deserved 4-star difficulty rating from users who have been blown away by its unique features.

You will be presented with a progression of increasingly beautiful stages as you explore the game's universe. In the game's first block screen, you must navigate a labyrinth of blocks to avoid hitting with deadly spikes, which will challenge your reflexes and accuracy.

The shadow stage is the next leg of the trip, where you have to learn how to alter gravity and use orbs to dodge those awful low spikes. After that, you'll be dropped into an exciting ship level where your only chance of surviving is to make fast movements between floating blocks and spikes.

A brief and straightforward robot level where you must jump on pillars to go over obstacles will appear later in the game. After that, the level title will appear, indicating the beginning of a lengthy bullet train level where you have to carefully avoid numerous obstacles without running into the map's edges.

Get ready for the UFO stage, where your goal is to travel across floating blocks while once again staying away from those annoying edges. The easy wave stage is the next, where you must fly over numerous obstacles and figure out the secrets written in the text at the level's conclusion.


The fun doesn't stop there! You will encounter three elusive coins on your quest, each more difficult to find than the previous. At level 16%, the first coin is situated between a floating block and two spiked columns. It can be obtained without touching the spikes if you are precise and patient.

At 69%, the second coin is waiting for you, tucked away beneath a block. You must carefully drop yourself onto an invisible brick beneath the coin in order to obtain it. By holding the fly button until 93%, you can finally obtain the third coin at 94%.

The game Geometry Dash Heart Throb will test your nerves and make you feel anxious throughout. Are you prepared to explore this enthralling realm and learn the mysteries of this thrilling game? There's adventure ahead!

How To Play

  • To hop over obstacles, use the left mouse button.

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