Geometry Dash Classic
Geometry Dash Classic
Geometry Dash Classic

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Geometry Dash Classic

Geometry Dash Classic

Geometry Dash Classic is a world of jagged pits of death and tiny floating platforms. You move forward at full speed, and that’s it. Each level is filled with jumps and hazards, and your goal is simply to make it to the end. You have to do all of this without stopping for one second!

You simply hop over the black barrier and carry on in Geometry Dash Classic. It's simple to move about, but navigating obstacles is when your hand speed and reflexes are really put to the test. Your reflexes and focus will improve as you play this game.

Second only to Poltergeist in terms of difficulty, this game is widely regarded as one of the most difficult Insane Demon Nine Circles remakes. For the first time, unlike earlier Nine Circles levels, this level has a green color scheme and does not have any ship sequences or shadow parts. This grade emphasizes timing and memorization. Its level of difficulty is comparable to that of Headrush and Sharp Minor, the former of which is the Mad Demon while the latter is the Fierce Demon.

The level starts with a complex cube full of traps and dummies, then moves on to a maze-like fairy dust area with troll orbs. The wave phase begins quite early, around 17%, and is composed of two parts:

Spikes, false lines, saw blades, and gravity and dimension gates are all everywhere, according to the Awakened Singer. Advanced grinding abilities and exact timing are necessary.

The second part of the double wave is represented by this. After the dual port, the level's architecture drastically changes: there are no portals, and the main hazards are spikes and false routes. It takes exact mechanical timing to complete this challenging step. The margin is closing with ominous spikes as the race comes to a close and the pace drops.

Similar to the last segment of Nine Circles, the final component is a fairly challenging cube with 1.8 blocks. The rules of the game remain the same: stay clear of spikes, pass the ball in the wrong direction, and shoot properly. The gaming screen then closes with the logo ComplexX, a "wall of fame," and an unseen saw blade in front of Lenny that has a 97% chance of causing resentful deaths.

How To Play

  • Using a keyboard and mouse

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