Geometry Dash Cadenza
Geometry Dash Cadenza
Geometry Dash Cadenza

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Geometry Dash Cadenza

Geometry Dash Cadenza

Enter the tricky geometric world of Geometry Dash Cadenza and prove your mastery of keystrokes. This platform game is an absolute test for skilled and relentless players. With its signature rhythm-based gameplay, you will embark on a never-ending arduous journey through a series of complex terrains. You will play as a cube that can change shape. What to face are diverse shapes such as floating stairs, treacherous platforms, spectacularly tall columns, and even dangerous spikes. Are you confident enough to conquer this user-level game with this 5-star Hard level from creator ViPriN?

How to Control

You can maneuver the cube with one of the following three command keys:

  • The spacebar.
  • The up arrow.
  • The mouse-click button.

Walk through Tricky Segments

Geometry Dash Cadenza opens with a cube segment and consecutive jumps onto steps and pads. You need to touch all the rings in this opening to continue. Because these rings are hidden in decorative patterns, look closely to detect them. Next, players go to the ball part with a series of platforms with spikes at both ends. Pay attention to the gravity conversion properties of each key press of the ball for the most accurate operation.

The character then returns to cube form with tight jumps onto the floating blocks. Cadenza continues to transfer parts based on the main entity's ship status. The terrain at this time is blocks with sharp spikes all over. You will have to navigate the ship skillfully, flying up and down continuously to avoid obstacles. The gears in the background are just decorations, so don't worry about them. The UFO segment then plays similarly until the character lands on the creator's name, then you win.

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