Geometry Dash August
Geometry Dash August

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Geometry Dash August

Geometry Dash August

Geometry Dash August

The regular level Geometry Dash August, created by ViralDL, Ylliee/Yll, Ricomeister/Jneh, and texic, has a rating of three stars and three user coins. Cloudy is an Epic Easy level with ratings of 1 and 2 stars from DHener's user coins. Refine your enjoyment of the game over and over. Players must exert more effort each time to surpass the prior benchmark if they want to break records. You are the only one who can rival Geometry Dash. The score in this game is more challenging to attain, though. Here are some fantastic suggestions to get you there in terms of appearance.

How To Play

  • Push [up] [w] [space] or [push] to jump and fall on the yellow circles.
  • Watch out for spikes along the path.
  • The ship rises when a long press is applied, and it falls when the press is released.
  • Touch a blue or yellow pad to jump higher.
  • To switch effects in this game, press L. To obtain extra points, collect lots of appealing coins.

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