Geometry Dash Aquarius
Geometry Dash Aquarius
Geometry Dash Aquarius

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Geometry Dash Aquarius

Geometry Dash Aquarius

Play Geometry Dash Aquarius and indulge in breathtaking dances across endlessly awkward platforms. You will play the role of a small cube on a lonely journey to explore the universe. This is a 6-star Harder difficulty level game from creator Skitten. Besides, the developer also placed 3 user coins on the map so you could improve your skills. Often, coins will appear in locations that cause your character to travel on a different route than the main road.

Discover the Engaging Features

  • The neon map with bright and shimmering lights with an ocean theme.
  • The background music is catchy, with rhythms that perfectly match each character's jump.
  • The constant changes in terrain and character transformations create incredible difficulty.
  • Simple control method: you only need the mouse button, spacebar, or up arrow key.

Walk through the Main Map

Geometry Dash Aquarius opens with the popular cube segment and some easy jumps. The spider segment after that is not too complicated when you can take advantage of the rings to move. After a scene with a beautiful dolphin, the character transforms into a UFO.

The short, but difficult, wave section after that will require more concentration. The series of transformations from UFO, ball, ship, and robot are not too difficult, but you need to pay attention to the pace of the round. The level continues with dramatic character changes from cubes to robots, balls, ships, UFOs, and spiders. If you can overcome the difficult robot part to get to the simple final ball part, it will be easy to win.

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