Funny Shooter 2
Funny Shooter 2
Funny Shooter 2

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Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 welcomes you to a world where time only runs when you move. Slow down your busy life with hard work and study. Immerse yourself in funny movements and enjoy your own fun leisure time. In this fun action game, you will participate from a realistic first-person perspective. Your mission is to pick up weapons in the room and attack opponents who are trying to defeat you.

Experience Marvelous New Features

Funny Shooter 2 introduces you to a series of extremely impressive new features.

  • After going through nine levels, players will enter a fierce boss battle to win the opportunity to become the best gunman.
  • Upgrade system with a series of top-notch power and weapon enhancements.
  • The ability to store achievements with prestigious titles that any player desires.
  • Unlock the ultimate guns by watching a short ad. However, this weapon is only available at a single level.

How to Play

You use the arrow keys to move and stop appropriately so that all events slow down. To attack, you just need to aim at the right target and click the mouse. If you want to change weapons, press the right mouse button to throw the current one and use the left mouse button to pick up the new one.

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