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Football Legends
Football Legends

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Football Legends

Football Legends

Football Legends is a sports-themed game that promises to cause fever with endlessly fascinating football matches. You will experience the feeling of transforming into the world's top strikers, such as Ronaldo, Messi, Modric, and more. Famous players in this top English Premier League tournament will have different skills. However, in this game, every top victory depends on your excellent tactical and improvisational abilities.

To start Football Legends, you can choose one of two main game modes: single-player or two-player. In addition, players can try Quick Match to practice getting used to the command keys. In each main game mode, there are other options for how to compete. You can choose Friendly matches to experience quick rounds. Or, participate in the top matches of the World Championship.

How to Control

Because there are many small game modes, please follow the instructions in the round you choose to have the most accurate control operations.

Tips and Tricks

  • If participating in single-player mode, when your opponent has the ball, you should not move your character too far from the goal.
  • Always remember that the character can jump up and stand directly at the goal to block the ball.
  • In two-player mode, you need to coordinate well with your teammates.
  • Pay attention to the skills of each soccer player in the character selection step.

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