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Dino Run is a captivating and enjoyable game that transports players to the prehistoric era. The exciting goal of this captivating running game is to prevent your dinosaur from becoming extinct. You will enter a world where danger is ever-present and gets worse when you take control of this little but tough creature.

This fast-paced platformer puts your reflexes and smart thinking to the test as it takes you through dangerous terrain and obstacles. The game's premise centers on an extinction-level event, and in order to survive, your dinosaur must make its way through this dangerous environment. You'll come across flying meteors and other ferocious dinosaurs on your treacherous trip, all out to stop your prehistoric figure from advancing.

To survive extinction at all costs is the ultimate objective of this game. The game is made more exciting and urgent by this high-stakes assignment, which keeps you on the tip of your seat. In this exciting time-lapse game, steer your dinosaur to safety and get ready for an amazing adventure.

How To Play

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to go left or right.
  • Use the up arrow key to jump.
  • Use the down-arrow key to crouch down.
  • Pressing the shift key will activate the dash.

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