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Beatzone will take you to a music arena with completely new gameplay. Controlling your small spaceship, you will need to destroy all objects of different colors. The interesting thing is that these "opponents" will appear according to the rhythm and their direction of movement also depends on the vibrant background music. You won't be able to guess how they move except by getting used to it. Navigate your character to operate continuously, combining movement and attack.

To have an effective round, understanding the nature of the obstacles is indispensable.

  • A block surrounded by a circle is the most forgiving entity, as it does not perform attacks.
  • Small cogs will release a number of bullets after a fixed period of time.
  • Large gears will emit bullet fragments in a circular and gradual spreading pattern.
  • Bullets arranged in a circle (created by a circle with a hexagon inside) will appear suddenly as they pass across the road.

Another feature that makes the round more dramatic is the attack range of the main entity. You can only move your spaceship into squares with broken borders to shoot lasers. This is your biggest strategic challenge. However, gamers can also change the types of "opponents" throughout the participation process.

How to play

  • The arrow keys or WASD: to move.
  • The left-click: to shoot.
  • Shift or right-click: to dash.
  • The G key: to skip or change the wave of enemies.

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